Thursday, 8 March 2012

Is John ISON's Behaviour Greed or Malicious sexual Revenge?

Is John ISON's Behaviour Greed or Malicious sexual Revenge?


although these facts about John Ison have been a matter of record and alluded to previously on this blog we note that for all UKIP's proscribing of many decent individuals they have always had a propensity to promote those they have control over by holdng facts over their heads.

Let us not forget Nigel Farage's personal sewer rat who trolled amongst his associates in the extremist and fascist branches of politics he frequented with his distortions and lies on Farage's behalf in fact in Farage's pay, building dossiers that could be used to control and manipulate people.

UKIP have used this useful idiot John Ison to lie and defame one of UKIP's longest serving and clearly most dedicated supporters Nikki Sinclaire who Nigel Farage has always feared and tried to undermine.

It has been Nigel Farage's poorly hidden hand in many attacks mounted upon Nikkie Sinclaire that has cost UKIP dear in the courts and shown them for the bullying, cyber stalkers, cowards and anti homosexual small minded self serving bigots they all too often are.

John Ison as you will have noted is all too typical of the unreliable low lifes that serve the purposes of UKIP leadership and are gullible enough to be duped into their dishonest behaviour not out of malice but in greed all too often.

That there was agressive abuse in the relationship seems in little doubt and that his wife left him for another woman having shown in Court he was an unfit parent is on record and may explain his vindictive and largely untrustworthy behaviour in stealing material from Nikki Sinclaire, an openly stated homosexual - Is this just an attack on a Lesbian by a sad individual deeply challenged by his own inditerminate sexuality and/or a hatred of female homosexuals!

Junius having published more of the facts than I would have done heretofore - that they are not only a matter of official public record but have been re-aired by UKIP supporters on The Junius blog, who as supporters like me are keen to see UKIP cleaned up and rendered fit for purpose and worthy of votes by the informed not just the uninformed and tyhe gutter sweepings seeking preferment HERE is the posting:


UKIP: John Ison was once accused of trying to strangle his wife

John Ison: The man behind the allegations against Nikki Sinclaire - all with a little help from Nigel Farage

There has been much discussion on various forums and within UKIP's leadership cabal recently, about the antics of John Ison. Particularly, his appearance in court in August 2003 to answer charges of assaulting his wife.

In fact, a look at the court records reveals that he was actually accused of trying to strangle his wife.

Although cleared due to "lack of corroborative evidence" Ison admitted striking his wife on the nose. She also suffered a bruised right leg and right arm and was signed off work by her doctor.

In his defence, Ison claimed that he was actually the victim himself, and that his wife tried to strike him first.

In fact, there may be a hint of truth in this, as we can reveal that Ison was an abused husband. In 2002 he was the victim of an assault by his wife, being punched in the face as he was driving his car. A solicitor's letter to this effect was produced during his 2003 court case.

The fact, however, that Ison was banned by court order from going near his own children hints at a sad domestic situation in which violence was all to common.

It is said that all political careers end in failure. With the disclosure of Ison's past, it would appear that his has ended before it got off the ground!

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