Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday, 9 May 2010

UKIP snippets

More smears against Nikki Sinclaire

You may recall John Ison. He used to work for Nikki Sinclaire. See: LINK

He is behind the latest attempt to smear Nikki Sinclaire.

A short video extract was posted on the internet by Mark Croucher. Sound familiar? John West was subjected to similar treatment after upsetting the Fuhrer.
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In the video Nikki is heard to make a joke about UKIP making her very rich. Farage’s sycophants claim that this proves Nikki only became an MEP for the money.


Here are the facts behind the video.

1. The extract was part of a sound test for a video statement on her problems with UKIP’s leadership.

2. She was responding to a joke from a member of her staff.

3. The staff member – John Ison – joked that “ if UKIP has kicked you out you'll be at least £50K better off”. This was a reference to her pledge to donate £50,000 to UKIP's West Midlands General Election fund.

4. John Ison stole the video and gave it to Mark Croucher.

Here is the video as released by Ms Sinclaire.

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It may interest you to know that Nikki Sinclaire - after Wheeler and Bown - was UKIP's third largest donor. Prior to her expulsion she had donated 30% of her salary to UKIP.

And Farage? He has donated absolutely NOTHING to UKIP.

UKIPPERS would be better advised to ask Nigel Farage about the £2 million that he claimed in expenses and the millions that have ‘vanished' from UKIP’s accounts.

We note with amusement that John Ison recently accosted Gregg Beaman, accusing him of being Junius!

Mr Ison hasn’t a clue and clearly needs some sort of medical help!
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

UKIP candidate John Ison's Election Questionnaire


UKIP candidate John Ison's Election Questionnaire

UNFORSEEN circumstances meant that John Ison's election questionnaire failed to make it into last week's paper along with the other candidates.
To ensure a fair balance in the run up to Thursday's General Election - here are his answers.
Name – John Ison
Age - 41
Occupation – Managing Director own business
I believe I should be the next MP because - (150 words maximum please) -
Our country deserves better. Our children need investment in their education. Our pensioners who are the backbone of our great country deserve a better standard of living and higher pensions. Our workers need more in their pay packet and should not be taxed and taxed and taxed. Our health care needs the financial input that some bankers take for granted as a bonus. Our businesses need tax breaks to allow them to grow and recruit more staff. We need a voice in Parliament and that voice should be mine.
The best thing about the constituency is? The people who live and work in Solihull.
The worst thing about the constituency is? Allowing big corporate supermarkets to undermine local trade.
The treasury has given you £1 million to spend on a specific project in the constituency. How would you spend it?
There are 17 volunteer charities in Solihull. I would divide the funding up to enhance their fundraising activities.
Favourite place in the constituency? It has to be teaching children to swim at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. Swimming is a life skill as well as a sport which could save the child’s life one day but also provides them with a healthier lifestyle.
Where would you choose to spend a night out in the constituency? Seeing a play at the Library Theatre.
My greatest fear is: Heights! Even though I love flying planes get me up a ladder and watch me shake!
My proudest moment was: The birth of my twin boys Zak and Sam
My most embarrassing moment was: Telling three ladies who came for a swim that there ‘must be something in the water as they were all expecting’ only to be told that they had all had their children a month earlier!
What makes you laugh? Great British Comedy
What makes you angry? Liars and Cheats
Food: Thai
Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Film: The Notebook
Music: General Pop, 70’s 80’s
Sport: Swimming
The (living) person I most admire is: Nelson Mandela
I would least like to be stuck in a lift with: Nick Griffin
My top three dinner guests (alive or dead) would be: Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Michael McIntyre.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
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Monday, 3 May 2010

UKIP: John Ison & filthy tricks

Monday, 3 May 2010

UKIP: John Ison & filthy tricks

The astonishing spectacle of the UKIP party "leader" campaigning for the Tory party is not the only farcical aspect of the current general election.

The bizarre and unwanted policy of not standing against "eurosceptics" has been totally discredited in the West Midlands, where the party is alleged to be paying Nikki Sinclaire's former office junior, John Ison, to undermine her campaign.

John Ison is pictured above. He is the one dressed as a chicken.

As Sinclaire attracts front page headlines on a weekly basis, and is running second in the polls, UKIP's filthy dirty tricks dept is working overtime to discredit her. Their candidate, however, is making an ass of himself and his party. At a hustings a few nights ago, he was actually forced by the Chair to withdraw a scurrilous and slanderous statement about Sinclaire, drawing hisses and shouts of "shame" from the audience. During the course of the hustings, Ison described himself as a "businessman", and a "swimming instructor". At a previous hustings, he was an "airline pilot".

He sounds as confused as David Bannerman!

Ison is clearly a troubled man. A former activist with "Fathers 4 Justice", he is believed to have been reported to the CSA for misleading them about his earnings, presumably in an attempt to avoid maintenance payments.

Farage is clearly crashing the party, and was clever enough to put his useful idiot Pearson in driver's seat first. Sober and untroubled people will notice, of course, that the eurosceptics UKIP are not standing against are..... Farage's mates!


Greg L-W. said...
Hi, now be honest Junius have you ever seen a chicken Masturbating because UKIP's other candidate in the Solihull & Meriden constituency is taking a completely different 'stand' promoting Masturbation and clearly from this childish behaviour from Nikki Sinclaires office wallah Ison and the fool UKIP has in Meriden they perform for eachother! I presume it was Barry All Cock's turn to stay at home and masturbate alone whilst young Isaby made a fool of UKIP in public with his unfounded and unsubstantiated lies about Nikki Sinclaire. He was happy to accept her money and to have left UKIP to help her until UKIP bought him with the offer of PPC and now he is trying to ingratiate himself so as not to be one of Mad PEERson's Trogladytes and tossed out of the party. Isably may have had only eyes for Gerard Batten when in his chicken suit but loyalty or trustworthyness are not his strong card! I see PEERson dullard that he is honestly believes that not many are against his treachery and that he has the support of the party to dishonestly and duplicitously campaign against UKIP's own PPCs for his Tory Party. You will remember I predicted every single thing that is happening way back in December right down to Stuart Wheeler quitting in disgust. see the facts and predictions on my blog: Regards, Greg L-W.
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