Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Something of A Summary on John ISON by Junius:

Something of A Summary on John ISON by Junius:


The posting on Junius is an interesting summary: 

UKIP: John Ison

John Ison is pictured with Gerard Batten and an active member of UKIP's youth wing. Ison is the one dressed as a chicken

John Ison used to work for Nikki Sinclaire. Mr Ison's employment with Nikki Sinclaire was terminated in, shall we say, unpleasant circumstances, which involved breach of trust and the alleged "disappearance" of petty cash. It comes as no surprise to learn that Ison is very close to UKIP's leader.

He later stood against Nikki as a UKIP candidate in the last General Election. However, he soon made an ass of himself! At one hustings, he was actually forced by the Chair to withdraw a scurrilous and slanderous statement about Sinclaire, drawing hisses and shouts of "shame" from the audience. During the course of the hustings, Ison described himself as a "businessman", and a "swimming instructor". At a previous hustings, he was an "airline pilot".

He appears to be as much of a fantasist as as David Bannerman! We note with amusement that Ison once accosted Gregg Beaman, accusing him of being Junius! Ison hasn’t a clue and clearly needs some sort of medical help!

Mr Ison is clearly a troubled man. A former activist with "Fathers 4 Justice", he is believed to have been reported to the CSA for misleading them about his earnings, presumably in an attempt to avoid maintenance payments. We note that Nigel Farage has promised him an MEP seat in the West Midlands. So who is really pulling Ison's strings? Would Mr Farage like to comment on the widespread allegation that he is behind the latest attempt to discredit Nikki Sinclaire? LINK

Me used to fly a big white plane full of people, me did!
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