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UKIP Clearly Show they are unfit for responsible authority

UKIP Clearly Show they are unfit for responsible authority

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Default If you say so, Walter.

Some history. This thread started off asking if Steve Allison “defected” from UKIP to a local party. I was the 2nd poster, as I had experience while a UKIP regional and branch committee member. And that’s about as long as it lasted, because the BDF and Facebook lurker, John Ison, posted some utterly brainless bilge in message no. 3 resurrecting the Nikki Sinclaire issue. Then? Then, the Captain Tory / Ison acolytes start spewing out the most egregious brainrot even I‘ve ever seen; if only they knew. Well, now they will.

Quote Originally Posted by Solihull UKIP View Post
...However I dorecall an older gentleman at a General Election hustings in Solihull 2010
state that John's stance and comments on the Euro were "alluring"....
See, that gets blown out of the water straight away! What you know about politics in general, John, could fit on the back of a stamp.

Quote Originally Posted by Solihull UKIP View Post
Steve Morson. I don' t know you, are you adult or juvenile. After reading
your inane drivel, I suggest you go to your front door, open it, go out and
get a life.
John, you know perfectly well who I am. I have a life, and it’s OK. Part of that life is occasionally taking part in (hopefully) adult debate on politics, given my activities for the last 5 years, and my avowedly passionate anti-EU outlook. Mind you, I’m finding it less and less in this group, unsurprisingly. Life? It could be better, I could still be employed by Mike Nattrass MEP, but you rather put paid to that, didn’t you? The poisoning phone calls, the “barrage of poisonous text messages“ (MN’s words), the lies, the attempt to stab me in the back when I was joining Lord Pearson for the first regional committee chairmen’s lunch in the House of Lords, the lies to Nikki Sinclaire about my lunch appointment with Simon Williams, all contributing to completely destroying my relationship with my employer. I haven’t worked since; tricky at 54. But this precipitated my question to Mjolnir earlier this evening which received an unexpectedly sarcastic reply – as I’ve never met him - along the same line of insult you’ve used above. And the 2 posts only an only an hour apart! How interesting! – have you two been talking?

As noted previously on this forum, we were “good friends” as your supporters like to point out. That was certainly the way I regarded you. It is therefore all the more unfathomable, and so far unanswered, as to why all the above was going on, during that time. Mike N admitted that this was what had happened, to my face, last January after we’d been for a splendid lunch. He was bitterly regretful, and recognised it as an attempt by you to “cut my throat, in the hope of taking my job”. Unquote.

You denied that it was to clear me out of the way of the 2014 MEP list (about which I was indifferent), and there were no conflicting business interests, so I asked you if it was “personal”. Deathly silence on the phone! My query with Mjolnir was meant to help establish whether 1) You ‘d taken this course of action ,stabbing me in the back on the orders of Nigel (as with the whole Nikki Sinclaire episode) or whether you did it at the behest of Paul Nuttall, while taking his coin. After all, you played a great part in sabotaging Simon Williams employment with Nikki, then Jill Seymour’s – a vicious poisoning campaign that you conducted against one of the most universally popular people in the party. Then to blame her for leaking those e-mails to GL-W, when you know you passed them to MN and “1 or 2 other people!” As I say, could be 20 or 30, knowing you. I remember that text message you sent to Mike “…and half of UKIP ”. You’re a vicious, back-stabbing, blackmailing piece of sewage with pathological levels of mendacity – hasn’t politics had enough of that?

No wonder you refused to help me in 2 important local elections, and instead went to Oldham twice – when you were “broke” - I wasn’t offering to pay you. An unprincipled, recto-lingualistic hireling, obviously.

Quote Originally Posted by Solihull UKIP View Post

However before you get your coat it is interesting to note that
you have left UKIP twice and have famously said "If Malcolm Pearson and Paul
Nuttall don't resign then I WILL!!" Wow who do you think you are?

Well, as has been explained to you 4 or 5 times now, I joined UKIP once, and left UKIP once, after 5 years of hard work and dedication. This will be confirmed by UKIP Head Office. I said, during the post 2010 general election meeting of the WMRC – the last I chaired – that I felt that Malcolm Pearson should go. This wasn’t just because of the disastrous result, but because he’d gone out ‘shilling’ for candidates of other parties, not in 3 constituencies as assumed by the committee, but 15 – to their shock, and an appalling, crucial live TV interview with Jon Sopel. I also knew what the reaction in the region would be.

I wanted Paul Nuttall to go because he was utterly useless. This was when he was party chairman, and I was WMRC chairman. Utterly pathetic. During the time of the garbage you were stirring up against Nikki Sinclaire, I tried to contact him 24 times with phone calls, voice mails and text messages. Not a single reply. However, he was in daily contact with you, and doubtless part of the plan to subvert the regional committee by ’going renegade’ with the West Midlands county, and that foolish 9-point plan you tried to keep from the regional committee. What were you playing at? The reason it got nowhere was because you’d attempted to circumvent me and half the committee; a structure in which Malcolm had great faith. (Interestingly, you attended those West Mids County committee meetings, but now claim to be part of Warwickshire!) Sounds like made-up-as-we-go-along bollox to me!

Quote Originally Posted by Solihull UKIP View Post

Finally it is clear that you have no issues commenting on John's personal life on this
forum. I therefore assume that you will not have a problem if John or others
commented on your personal life on this forum? *After all it appears that
YOUR personal issues were the cause of the rift between John and you. It is
clear that you don't take rejection easily.
If you’re not John Ison, why are you so bothered about it? I only comment or augment where it conflicts with anything posted, and I’ve posted nothing personal, as such. When you say “others”, in your thinly disguised attempt at embarrassment and / or further blackmail, you need to tread rather carefully. All I will say is this: I’m not married. And if people are interested in a report of, say, a boxing match, they generally will want to know who threw the first punch. That dictionary was important, and then it became urgent. Now, it’s critical! Wrong word again – not rejection – the only rejection I’ve suffered being that of a request for an apology for libelling me. I’ve suffered no rejection. What I have suffered is betrayal; constant, sustained, pathologically vicious, disturbed, betrayal.

I felt as though I had the right to feel aggrieved; my e-mail to you of 9th Sept 2010 will refer. I’ve not even been that generous with my lifelong friends, over nearly four decades, and yet you’d just been “to Cheshire“, two days earlier.

When you agreed to meet for a lunchtime drink last August, I was hoping it was because you were man enough to apologise, but no. I was rather foolish to expect an apology from you - anyone would be. Apart from recording the entire conversation on your iPhone (did you think I wouldn’t notice?), when we parted outside, you said you wanted to “recapture the old days”. Some chance. As each month goes by, I find out more and more, none of it any good.

Hope you can keep track of all these alter ego’s you’re creating. It's cancers like you that make UKIP into EUKIP. What is it you've destroyed, 5 branches now?

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