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23-May-2011 - John ISON Does Seem To Exploit His Friends

 23-May-2011 - John ISON Does Seem To Exploit His Friends
& Defecate on His Own Doorstep With Alacrity.

Clearly on the evidence put forward John Ison is a truely repugnant little creep and it seems from his abject failure in the election and that he is under police investigation for his dishonesty we are assured public opinion supports the evidence!

QUOTE From A Public Forum:
...Steve - why would you think I'm not speaking to you? Its hard to pin you down due to your intermittent visits to this wee forum so pls don't assume I am giving you a cold shoulder. Bar-tender, a pint of Landlord for my fellow UKIPper Mr Morson if you please.

Seriously Steve, I mention Ison purely as an example for young Richard to remember when moderating perceived libels as I don't wish for Richard to appear partisan or inconsistent. I still don't know enough about Ison to judge him - they way he is spoken about, you would think he was Keyser Soze
Tip-top, old bean, I raise said glass of Timothy Taylor's Landlord to the hearty fellow, well met, and your health! ('Chink', sip.) I'm detemined that you should try Wye Valley HPA - on me - but of course, unilaterally-declared anonymity dictates it shall not be so. A shame, as it's rewardingly refreshing, fruity, and full of character with a throughly pleasing aftertaste. Just like meself

Normally, I get a directed comment from you in rebuttal, but hadn't had one for a while, so I assumed the worst. At times, I can be somewhat acidic, but I hope that my discussions are never so heated - among civilised people - that they cause offence.

But I keep to my original points, and of course the abiding offer already quoted. I will tread carefully while people are considering a legal strategy to redress my grievance. I wish they'd plan it a bit quicker (more cheaply!), but I really wish I didn't have to do it at all! Pride is such a terrible thing, and could prove ruinous. For him.

In this case, Keyser Soze is an absolutely fascinating parallel, from one of my all-time favourite films. (Your avatar is from my joint favourite, Twelve Angry Men, and the debut directorship of Sidney Lumet (may he RIP.))

I think Keyser Soze must be your favourite person's idol! He inveigled his way into people's trust and esteem, by using an alter ego, with the determined goal of causing their ultimate demise (Soze / Ison - take your pick). In my case seemingly becoming a good friend, in another (of an MEP) becoming a trusted employee. And what happened?

From almost day 1, both of us were betrayed with a viciousness and ruthlessness that can only be described as pathalogically cruel. Why? To eliminate competition for the 2014 MEP list? That's the only theory in this region among many people. I refer the honorable gentleman to my previous thread:-
Relative to an item Originally Posted by Steve Morson
...I have been the victim of an extremely nasty and totally unnecessary smear campaign recently, but of course, as a lowly branch chairman, it is of no consequence to the masses.

What is most staggering is that there was no conceivable, rational need or purpose for it; what is most puzzling is "why" it was done. That and - I suppose - the fact that its source is a member of the party's disciplinary committee. The choice of smear 'type' was also curious; it leaves one to ponder whether some of the more 'unsavoury' accusations made against the party have a foundation in truth. I will yield more by PM for those prepared to reveal their true identity under solemn promise - I will give my WORD - of utter secrecy.
To Continue:
Otherwise, why would someone with a 'law degree' be under investigation by the police for allegedly entering the office of a former employer and removing confidential documentation, in addition to many other allegations?

Why would that same person (a "good friend", remember?) spread a lie about me - that I am gay - to a "...wide but selective list of people...", including Greg Lance-Watkins?

Yes, that was one of the slurs I mentioned; hence (partly) my current course of action.

In order to keep my solicitor's blood pressure at a reasonable level, I'll say no more.

With great respect, when you reply to my posts it's almost as if you haven't absorbed them. My point was, it would be incredibly difficult for anyone to post anything that could be deemed libelous about this character, as by the nature of the beast shall he be known.

Richard is spot-on in post #55.

It is a complete non sequitur that you'd be concerned about a source of GL-W's. It's not logical, Captain.
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Saturday, 21 May 2011

21-May-2011 - John ISON IS CLEARLY NO FRIEND of Steve MORSON's!!

 21-May-2011 - John ISON IS CLEARLY NO FRIEND of Steve MORSON's!!

some interesting points raised on Anthony Butcher's UKIP controlled Forum by One time Branch Chairman, PPC for UKIP and if I recall correctly West Midlands UKIP Committee activist Steve Morson - who clearly seems not to trust, or hold in other than contempt John Ison - I view seemingly held by virtually everyone who purports to know him.

Save of course the utterly discredited Skeptyk with his cowardly anonymity from behind which he has been shown to be a liar, a low life and no more than a collective for scum amongst the parasites seeking personal gain in UKIP. Little more than a smear campaign group who seek out or invent any foul fantasy to shore up their dishonest presentation to suit their need, with no concern for veracity or context.

Steve Morson would seem to at least try to present accurately even if I may personally take issue with some of hic conclusions - there being no gratuitous malice in them though at fault on occasion!
Richard Allen: As Skeptyk doesn’t speak to me these days, Richard, this is for your benefit mainly.

So here we go again, just as we’re having a nice time with lots of juicy stuff to talk about, nothing to do with delusional backstabbers, look at what name gets resurrected! As a comfort, I assure you I will not allow a single false word to appear about “Mr.” Ison. This applies here on the BDF, or anywhere else, Chepstow Sage also be warned! If I see a false word appearing anywhere, I will alert the forum / blog mod or admin to the correct facts, being an unparalleled expert on the subject (judging by the severity and number of “wounds”, anyway). There.

As for libel, well as I’m currently experiencing, it involves - as I suspected – eye-watering sums of money, but I have found a very accomplished specialist solicitor at actually very reasonable rates and based ‘up the road’ in central Birmingham, and of course a pro bono lawyer. So with that, a barrage of evidence that satisfies him and offers of help, I’m set 'Fair'! And, it’s an adventure! I’ll keep you updated, even if anything happens in the meantime to arrest my course of action.

But I have to say, Richard, that I would have thought Skeppy would be aware that some people live their lives – shall we say….differently - and have ‘alternative’ mores, scruples and values. They behave in a way that is as repulsive as it is morally bankrupt to many right-thinking people, and so virtually no-one could print anything about them that was sufficiently injurious to warrant libel proceedings. Therefore when seemingly disconnected but intelligent people leap to their defence over utter trivia they end up looking like irredeemable fools. For the curious, my offer still stands:-

Quote Originally Posted by Steve Morson View Post
...I will yield more by PM for those prepared to reveal their true identity under solemn promise - I will give my WORD - of utter secrecy....
Anyway, I am sad. It seems to me that the resurrection of this name, when everyone is doing their level best to erase it from memory, discussions about names on press releases and who-was-on-what flight-with-whom–and-when, all seem to me to be concern about the flaking paint on the support bracket of the cistern in the leftmost ladies toilet cubicle on C deck (starboard), when our "ship" has just hit a ****ing great lump of ice.
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this odious little lad has rather dropped below the radar since the local elections - though to be fair it was clear that in both political and personality terms he had never really had any significance beyond a parasite leaching off of others.

Interestingly John Ison at this years local elections was one of 50 candidates pretending to the UKIP publicity in the West Midlands EU Region. Out of those 50 UKIP candidates John Ison polled the lowest number of votes of all and was the only one to poll less than 100.

Further he was aware of his spectacular and embarrassing failure I suspect because not even to support true UKIP candidates did he bother to turn up to the count in the region in which he stood.

It is worth noting that the only support this odious little man seems to get is on Anthony Butcher's EU controlled blog where a cowardly attack smear poster, sheltering their distasteful lies and beligerent dishonesty behind anonymity endlessly brings UKIP into disrepute as it seems that those posting under the name of Skeptyk are not only dishonest cowards but working for the failed leadership of UKIP as parasites feeding there off.

There are many blogs around that are run by long term supporters of UKIP that are genuinely and patriotically seeking to clean-up and improve UKIP by fair criticism and many facts revealed that can be totally defended under the terms of 'veritas'.

Junius is one such mine is another as we both seek to see UKIP restored as fit for purpose - disassociated from odious individuals like John Ison and their duplicitous and underhand self seeking behaviour.

Similarly for as long as UKIP is associated with liars, cheats and low lifes whether acting in cowardly anonymity as with Skeptyk or Independent UKIP or using names of no worth or repute as with liars and fools like Marta Andreasen, John Ison, Stuart Agnew, Mick McGough, Mark Croucher, David Bannerman, Derek Clark or similar filth - that UKIP tollerates and seemingly encourages such as they, with such parasites and their odious behaviour UKIP is a spent force and clearly unfit for purpose.

Greg Lance-Watkins.

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