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It Seems John ISON Continues His Downward Spiral!

It Seems John ISON Continues His Downward Spiral!

PROTEST DAD STOOD TRIAL FOR ASSAULT; Fathers4Justice MP hopeful cleared of attacking wife.


A MIDLAND dad standing as an election candidate for the controversial Fathers4Justice group was once charged with attacking his wife, the Sunday Mercury can reveal.

John Ison yesterday announced that he would be one of 200 campaigners fighting a parliamentary seat at the next election.

But we can disclose that the dad-of-two once stood trial after being accused of grabbing his then wife, Caroline, by the throat during a heated row.

Mr Ison, who is a school governor, appeared at Redditch Magistrates Court last August after being charged with common assault by cops but was cleared after a trial.

Mr Ison's political ambitions were unveiled yesterday when he announced that he would try to topple current Redditch Labour MP Jacqui Smith at the next general election.

He is the Birmingham and West Midlands co-ordinator for Fathers4Justice.

Mr Ison, 35, said: 'Not seeing my children breaks my heart. I see kids and their dads in the park and I get very, very upset.

'I am a loving father and I have been excluded completely from the lives of the people I love the most.

'Ever since contact with my childrenwas stopped I have been on a downward spiral.'

Mr Ison, a governor at Coughton Church of England Primary School at Kings Coughton, near Redditch, is separated from his wife of six years - and yesterday he received formal notification of his divorce.

He is banned by a court order from seeing his twin boys.

Last night, Mrs Ison said at her home at Callow Hill, near Redditch: 'I do not want to make any comment really.

'But a judge has banned him from seeing his own children. Read into that what you will.'

The revelation about Mr Ison's court appearance is the latest blow to the credibility of Fathers4Justice, whose members claim they are heartbroken dads whose children are being kept from them by cruel ex-wives. The partner of Jason Hatch - who created a national security scare after scaling the walls of Buckingham Palace dressed as Batman last Monday - has disclosed that she left him because he spent too little time with their daughter.

Gemma Polson, 27, walked out on Hatch with their seven month-old daughter, Amelia, citing his obsession with Fathers4Justice stunts.

She claimed that Hatch's public enthusiasm about improved child access for divorced and separated fathers did not extend to spending time with his own child.

'Fathers4Justice has taken over his life,' said Miss Polson, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 'He has seen hardly anything of our daughter which was a bit rich whenthe point of his campaign was to allow dads to see more of their children.

'I would rather he saw more of Amelia than he does.'
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Could the reason that John Ison was denied access to his children be that he accepted this in order to ensure his ex wife and her new girlfriend did not persue charges against him for his violence?

Might The Court have accepted a plea that leads one to believe he is unfit to have dealings with children including his own.

Briefly studying the antics of John Ison it does seem he is singularly bereft of a moral compass!

You will note that in pursuit of his personal ambitions it was believed that he had quite seriously damaged the credibility of Fathers4Justice.

One wonders if he told Fathers4Justice the details of the case against him just as one wonders how much of the truth he has told UKIP in his pursuit of his ambitions to be an MEP!

I wonder if UKIP are aware of his liberal attitude to other people's money let alone the background to his assault trial and the denial of access to his children!

Similarly in pursuit of his own ambitions, as he hops from one to another, might the damage he does be compulsive? 

From his classic 'Rugger B*gger attitude to homosexuality might it be reasonable to suggest he may well be a suppressed homosexual and his behaviour towards one individual (well known in UKIP's assemblage) both in terms of courtship and bullying may help understand his vindictive abuse of the openly homosexual Nikki Sinclaire.

Nikki Sinclaire sees no cudos or stigma in her homosexuality but perhaps John Ison does and might it be that he covers up for his 'peccadilloes' by seeking to expose or attack others for theirs? 

We do know that the Sinclaire case is not the only example of breech of trust on his CV as do we know his theft to have run to being on an industrial scale with his determination to advance his personal standing by fitting-up Nikki Sinclaire with the numerous items and material h stole from her.

Was the attempt to mislead West Midlands Police just another item of hate manifestation that amounted to fantasy, as with so much in this unreliable and seemingly abusive little man.

Since John Ison parted company with Nikki Sinclaire after a period in her employ in March one is forced to wonder when he stole material from her offices. Further was it an act of vengeance for his inability to continue in her employ or classic homosexual smoke screen (Rugger B*gger syndrome).

Similarly I consider it apposite to wonder who held the so called evidence he was trying to build a case out of from when he stole it until when he c ontrived to try and make a case of it by seemingly duping the police!

It seems to me that John Ison whould have reported any crime he knew of when he first knew of it and immediately handed over such evidence as he had to the police but it seems there was a prolongued period when the so called evidence was being suppressed by UKIP (most probably the proven corrupt Christopher Gill ex Tory MP).

It must also be somewhat embarrassing that of the allegations of which I know from hearsay much was under the tutellage of UKIP's Robin Collett as accountant as her accounts were answerable to the party leader however he may have fiddled his!

We note that in order to best serve the electorate Sinclaire has openly stated she would rather have as many reasonably paid staff as she could afford on the budget - meanwhile Nigel Farage was paying his wife almost twice the salary Sinclaire paid her junior staff whilst Kirsten Farage was paid more than Sinclaire's better paid staff and they worked where as no one knows of ANY work done for UKIP for her £30K a year.

I wonder whether Robin Collett & Nigel Farage will have their collars felt over this issue!

John Ison does seem to be laying himself wide open to being subject of a private prosecution when the truth comes out and even perhaps a police prosecution to answer for his actions!

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