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21-Feb-2011 - UKIP LEADERSHIP & their Parasite John ISON USE SMEAR TACTICS

21-Feb-2011 - UKIP LEADERSHIP & their Parasite John ISON USE SMEAR TACTICS
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


a conversation I am having on one of the many Forums I from time to time contribute to may be of interest to you:

Gone down market on the Sunday Papers there Greg.  From what I can make out Sinclair is commenting on things that have been public knowledge for years .   
I look forward to further ' revelations' , though I would have thought even the rag that is the NOTW would have something more up to date to write about


the aim of the game is the publicity of EU corruption and as Guy informs me The NoTW has some 7,000,000 readers I'm not proud ;-)

Interestingly Guy & his editor established that NO OTHER PAPER had EVER published at least 3 of the fiddles and linked it with a proven reliable MEP whistle blower.

Just as Sinclaire's STORY the previous week in The Sunday Times with Marie Wolf had NEVER previously been covered!

Here are the 3 Fiddles that I noted.


The right of MEPs to sign in in Strasbourg on a Friday morning when there is clearly ZERO official business on Fridays when the parliament decamps to Strasbourgh.

The German TV film which I have featured on my blog shows MEPs lined up in Brussels and even The Dispatches film that caught John Buffton UKIP MEP signing in early on a Friday morning and legging it just to get his allowance of £280.00 for the day! NEVER with photographs of the activity timetable board showing NO ACTIVITY has the scam been exposed and this also had the edge of clear whistle blowing by an MEP and not just a journalist or film crew.

No paper or film crew could the NoTW find who had explained the 4000 account scam which seems little more than a bribe paid with tax payers money by The EU to the leaders of Pan EU Parliamentary political Groups like The EFD to get them to support The EU - whereby such leaders receive a sum of £76,000 for each MEP in their group - this sum amounts to a minimum of £2.1/4 Million and seems to be unaccounted and at best untransparent!


I am unaware (as were The NoTW) of any instance in the meeeja that had addressed the opportunity for corruption in the matter of the unaccountable free travel 6000 budget - yet here was an MEP whistle blower providing the details of how it can be used for pleasure travel or even make an issue of not using it to then use it as bribes transfered to other members to tie them into one of these odious Pan EU Political Groups.

There were other items but without reading the article that was written but never published because of the efforts of the corrupt UKIP leadership, staff and parasites who have greatly assisted The EU.

Be minded also that Nigel Farage has clearly stated he is opposed to Referendums and also note he made sure that UKIP did absolutely nothing to try to block or publicise the corrupt Lisbon Treaty until he was sure the Bill had passed Parliament and now he again aids The EU.

You may be unaware that The EFD which Farage Chairs was the stearing group in Italy bringing The Lisbon Treaty to existence and The EFD Group is pro EU membership seeking merely minor reforms.

ANY pretence at opposition to membership of The EU by those elected by UKIP members and supporters is almost totally canceled out by their choice of partners in The EFD who are openly racist, xenophobic, anti homosexual, violent politically, anti Jewish, to name but a few of their qualities!!! That they are pro membership of The EU and you will remember that Derek Clarke UKIP/EFD MEP went on a jolly to Romania and signed an accord supporting GREATER subsidiarity for Britain to The EU, more co-operation with The EU in Committees to ensure all member states were more clearly bound to the treaty obligations as in The CAP, CFP & Budget - this was carried out as Farage's errand boy and contra the written opposition of Roger Knapman who left Farage's Group in disgust.

There are only two UKIP MEPs left who have had the morality and integrity to disassociate themselves from the pond life Farage has gathered around himself for personal pecuniary gain.

Nikki Sinclaire MEP West Midlands 17 years service to UKIP members)
Mike Nattrass MEP West Midlands Past Chairman, Past Deputy Leader of UKIP.

I, being a long term supporter of UKIP in the days when it was a principled party and also a supporter of the aims of the largely uninformed UKIP members, am particularly disappointed that a story I set up with Guy fell to the corrupt self interest of the EUkip leadership and its parasites, which include the grubby little sneak thief John Ison who has shown himself to be a liar, a thief and utterly without morality in his criminal betrayal of a position of trust designed to work for UKIP members not for his personal sordid ambitions.

Association with trash like John Islon, Mick McGough, Derek Clarke (who has steered membership in his region from 2 MEPs and several 1,000 members to a current membership of about 6-700), Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher a worm without integrity, morality or honour being a liar and a cheat in contempt of British Courts, Annabelle Fuller who pretends to interest in any source of a job having parted under a cloud from UKIP for her dishonesty and corruption, from The British Legion and also The Army Pensions (charity) presumably when they discovered her foul language and lack of moral compass - need I go on to list all the liars, cheats and sick deviants in UKIP's leadership, I am sure you are well aware of them!

They are the scum of the earth feeding as parasites on the bodies of those who have died for our Country in their venal self interest engorging at the tax payers expense, as they aid our enemies.

I trust any UKIP supporter will like me wish to see the filth removed from the party and our ONLY lifeboat cleaned-up sufficiently to justify being voted for.

I WILL NOT support the corruption that is UKIP under its present sordid leadership.

I hope this clarifies the matter - To revisit 'down market' you will note there was a strong article opposing The EU from Sinclaire in The Sunday Times and various local media picked up on the subject and published articles.

There are those who make much of my support for Sinclaire - perhaps they could name someone else worthy of support for any UKIP supporter who will not lend their name to the corruption of EUkip. I have nothing but contempt for the other MEPs who have without exception betrayed my Country.


PS - anyone wishing to check a single fact which I have made clear herein is welcome to contact me 01291 - 62 65 62 - my eMail and address are public domain!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 - 62 65 62
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21-Feb-2011 - Seems Others Are Revolted By John ISON & UKIP Leadership!

21-Feb-2011 - Seems Others Are Revolted By John ISON & UKIP Leadership!
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:57:26 +0000
Subject: Pond life!

What is it about Nigel-Spivboy-Farage that attracts the immoral, the amoral, the dissolute, the feckless and the downright corrupt?  I don't know about you, but I think its because they recognise a kindred spirit!!!

Take, John Ison, from Solihull.   Although he is chairman of Ukip's Solihull and Meriden branch, it would seem that he has wilfully assisted Spivboy's efforts to destroy Nikki Sinclaire's reputation - someone who once gave him employment, and who is still his local MEP. 

If only a fraction of the claims made against Ison were true (although I suspect that most of the claims have substance), Ison would be utterly despicable.  But when one realises that he only behaves in this manner to please his idol (Spivboy), and then only because he believes the Spiv will reward him with an MEPship in due course, despicable doesn't really come close to describing this self gratifying slime-ball!

Take for example his comments to the Solihull Observer in May last year. 

Who's the (living) person you most admire, Ison replied: Nelson Mandela -
a Marxist terrorst raised up by the marxist left as a Saint!

Who I would least like to be stuck in a lift with Ison relied: Nick Griffin -
a typically mindless left wing knee jerk reply.  After all any decent man would have automatically said, Godfrey Bloom!!!

What makes you angry, Ison replied:  Liars and Cheats. 
Ha!  I don't think so Mr Ison.  Firstly you idolise one such person, and, to the casual observer, it would seem that you yourself fit such a description!

Solihull Observer May 6 2010
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Sunday, 20 February 2011

20-Feb-2011 - 03:04hrs. Is John ISON Working For The EU or Self Interest?

20-Feb-2011 - 03:04hrs. Is John ISON Working For The EU or Self Interest?

ADDITION AT 2011-Feb-20 03:04hrs.:

It is interesting to note that now that the paper has published on line in full the excellent story, which I HAVE read and hold a copy of subject to last minute corrections (as last week), has fallen to the intervention of those protecting their positions at the troughs on the gravy train.

I do note due to the scurrilous nature of their claims and the fact that there is already a crime reference number in hand and that 10/1 of the PCC code pertained the clearly 'Set Up' story lacked any suitable credibility as an attack on Nikki Sinclaire - it is my opinion, based upon reliable whispers that it was largely Nigel Farage behind this seeking to protect against exposure of the 4000 account scam at a guess and worried that his route to riches might be damaged on the eve of his party mini conference where his adulants will be told how he can make yet more money by compliance with the EU in forming a Pan EU Political Party.

That Annabelle Fuller also colluded in the spoiler to aid The EU and corruption would also seem likely on information received but the primary source of what seems to have been stolen documents and fabricated evidence would seem to be John Ison yet again seeking to defame people for his own glorification and in the hope of ingratiating himself with UKIP's corrupt leadership to fiddle his way into being an MEP whilst holding a salaried role in the interim.

This is not the first newspaper this scam has been tried on as you will remember the endless allegedlies in The Sunday Times when Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas made something of a fool of himself having failed to check his facts. At that stage Nikki Sinclaire opted to keep her powder dry until more evidence was to hand and third party witnesses were in place to testify.

The situation has somewhat changed I gather!

The tragedy is that in their greed and venal vitriol these sordid self serving Farage leadership filth have done much to wreck an incredibly good story exposing corruption of an industrial nature in the EU from being disseminated via the 7,000,000 claimed readers of the paper in question.

Just who are the Farage team actually working for as it does look very much as if it is for The EU and their own pockets yet again.

I regret 7,000,000 people are unlikely to see this item exposing The EU's corruption just yet but be minded that I have the ear of numerous papers, a number of the opinion formers dip into this blog aware that they can quote EVERY item safe in the knowledge that in 1,000s of blogs I have NEVER made a material error and never once lied.

I believe that if the slime that have seized control of UKIP could make the same claim and had put in a fraction of the work exposing The EU during the last 18 years there would be every possibility we would now be liberated from The EU.

Many will seek more details and visit:
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Friday, 11 February 2011



I would like to associate myself with the comments of Richard and skeptyk except where skeptyk wishes you well in the local elections. Your disinterest in local governance is well known and I haven't the faintest idea why you wish to stand for the council. You say you "hope" to stand. There is nothing stopping you from standing except for a few signatures. Are you so unpopular within your community that your hope cannot be realised? As I don't have any clue as to why you seek election to your Council your inevitable defeat will be well deserved.

I'd've thought that subsequent to an article published in an interesting magazine you would have been flooded with activists and willing candidates. Should we assume that despite that excellent piece of publicity you are the only person willing to stand for ILTEUA in May? A full slate in Scotland is not plausible but if ILTEUA is a credible party a good smattering of candidates in both Scotland & Wales is essential. I would generously suggest about 5 ILTEUA candidates in both Scotland & Wales will be enough to justify the continuance of the party. A few dozen local election candidates will similarly suffice but no evidence is apparent that there will be any other than yourself.
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