Monday, 3 May 2010

UKIP: John Ison & filthy tricks

Monday, 3 May 2010

UKIP: John Ison & filthy tricks

The astonishing spectacle of the UKIP party "leader" campaigning for the Tory party is not the only farcical aspect of the current general election.

The bizarre and unwanted policy of not standing against "eurosceptics" has been totally discredited in the West Midlands, where the party is alleged to be paying Nikki Sinclaire's former office junior, John Ison, to undermine her campaign.

John Ison is pictured above. He is the one dressed as a chicken.

As Sinclaire attracts front page headlines on a weekly basis, and is running second in the polls, UKIP's filthy dirty tricks dept is working overtime to discredit her. Their candidate, however, is making an ass of himself and his party. At a hustings a few nights ago, he was actually forced by the Chair to withdraw a scurrilous and slanderous statement about Sinclaire, drawing hisses and shouts of "shame" from the audience. During the course of the hustings, Ison described himself as a "businessman", and a "swimming instructor". At a previous hustings, he was an "airline pilot".

He sounds as confused as David Bannerman!

Ison is clearly a troubled man. A former activist with "Fathers 4 Justice", he is believed to have been reported to the CSA for misleading them about his earnings, presumably in an attempt to avoid maintenance payments.

Farage is clearly crashing the party, and was clever enough to put his useful idiot Pearson in driver's seat first. Sober and untroubled people will notice, of course, that the eurosceptics UKIP are not standing against are..... Farage's mates!


Greg L-W. said...
Hi, now be honest Junius have you ever seen a chicken Masturbating because UKIP's other candidate in the Solihull & Meriden constituency is taking a completely different 'stand' promoting Masturbation and clearly from this childish behaviour from Nikki Sinclaires office wallah Ison and the fool UKIP has in Meriden they perform for eachother! I presume it was Barry All Cock's turn to stay at home and masturbate alone whilst young Isaby made a fool of UKIP in public with his unfounded and unsubstantiated lies about Nikki Sinclaire. He was happy to accept her money and to have left UKIP to help her until UKIP bought him with the offer of PPC and now he is trying to ingratiate himself so as not to be one of Mad PEERson's Trogladytes and tossed out of the party. Isably may have had only eyes for Gerard Batten when in his chicken suit but loyalty or trustworthyness are not his strong card! I see PEERson dullard that he is honestly believes that not many are against his treachery and that he has the support of the party to dishonestly and duplicitously campaign against UKIP's own PPCs for his Tory Party. You will remember I predicted every single thing that is happening way back in December right down to Stuart Wheeler quitting in disgust. see the facts and predictions on my blog: Regards, Greg L-W.
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