Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday, 9 May 2010

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More smears against Nikki Sinclaire

You may recall John Ison. He used to work for Nikki Sinclaire. See: LINK

He is behind the latest attempt to smear Nikki Sinclaire.

A short video extract was posted on the internet by Mark Croucher. Sound familiar? John West was subjected to similar treatment after upsetting the Fuhrer.
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In the video Nikki is heard to make a joke about UKIP making her very rich. Farage’s sycophants claim that this proves Nikki only became an MEP for the money.


Here are the facts behind the video.

1. The extract was part of a sound test for a video statement on her problems with UKIP’s leadership.

2. She was responding to a joke from a member of her staff.

3. The staff member – John Ison – joked that “ if UKIP has kicked you out you'll be at least £50K better off”. This was a reference to her pledge to donate £50,000 to UKIP's West Midlands General Election fund.

4. John Ison stole the video and gave it to Mark Croucher.

Here is the video as released by Ms Sinclaire.

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It may interest you to know that Nikki Sinclaire - after Wheeler and Bown - was UKIP's third largest donor. Prior to her expulsion she had donated 30% of her salary to UKIP.

And Farage? He has donated absolutely NOTHING to UKIP.

UKIPPERS would be better advised to ask Nigel Farage about the £2 million that he claimed in expenses and the millions that have ‘vanished' from UKIP’s accounts.

We note with amusement that John Ison recently accosted Gregg Beaman, accusing him of being Junius!

Mr Ison hasn’t a clue and clearly needs some sort of medical help!
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