Thursday, 6 May 2010

UKIP candidate John Ison's Election Questionnaire


UKIP candidate John Ison's Election Questionnaire

UNFORSEEN circumstances meant that John Ison's election questionnaire failed to make it into last week's paper along with the other candidates.
To ensure a fair balance in the run up to Thursday's General Election - here are his answers.
Name – John Ison
Age - 41
Occupation – Managing Director own business
I believe I should be the next MP because - (150 words maximum please) -
Our country deserves better. Our children need investment in their education. Our pensioners who are the backbone of our great country deserve a better standard of living and higher pensions. Our workers need more in their pay packet and should not be taxed and taxed and taxed. Our health care needs the financial input that some bankers take for granted as a bonus. Our businesses need tax breaks to allow them to grow and recruit more staff. We need a voice in Parliament and that voice should be mine.
The best thing about the constituency is? The people who live and work in Solihull.
The worst thing about the constituency is? Allowing big corporate supermarkets to undermine local trade.
The treasury has given you £1 million to spend on a specific project in the constituency. How would you spend it?
There are 17 volunteer charities in Solihull. I would divide the funding up to enhance their fundraising activities.
Favourite place in the constituency? It has to be teaching children to swim at Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. Swimming is a life skill as well as a sport which could save the child’s life one day but also provides them with a healthier lifestyle.
Where would you choose to spend a night out in the constituency? Seeing a play at the Library Theatre.
My greatest fear is: Heights! Even though I love flying planes get me up a ladder and watch me shake!
My proudest moment was: The birth of my twin boys Zak and Sam
My most embarrassing moment was: Telling three ladies who came for a swim that there ‘must be something in the water as they were all expecting’ only to be told that they had all had their children a month earlier!
What makes you laugh? Great British Comedy
What makes you angry? Liars and Cheats
Food: Thai
Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Film: The Notebook
Music: General Pop, 70’s 80’s
Sport: Swimming
The (living) person I most admire is: Nelson Mandela
I would least like to be stuck in a lift with: Nick Griffin
My top three dinner guests (alive or dead) would be: Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Michael McIntyre.

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