Wednesday, 27 April 2005

John ISON seeks a council seat!

John Ison UKIP

JOHN Ison, 36, lives in Hall Green, Birmingham, but lived in Redditch until recently. He is divorced and has five-year-old twin boys from his marriage.

Since June 2003, Mr Ison has been a full-time campaigner for equal rights in family law and represents parents in family courts across the country. He has also campaigned for Fathers 4 Justice.
Between 1990-2002, Mr Ison operated Studley Swimming Pool.

He says: "I believe there is little difference between the three traditional parties.They propose increased public spending, which means most people continue to suffer with a high tax burden.

''None of the old political parties are prepared to accept the real government of Britain is now in Brussels. Our policy is to restore the authority for governing Britain to our elected Westminster Parliament.

''By leaving the EU, the £39 million the UK gives to Brussels every day would be reinvested into our country, with pensioners coming first by increasing the state pension by £25 per week.

''That would leave £9 million a day to invest in areas such as schools, higher education, health and the police. This would provide an extra £5 million for Redditch every year.

''We would immediately cut council taxes by a half for all householders, not just pensioners.

''We believe Britain should be run by the British, we don't want to be overrun by immigrants and we wish to reduce the tax burden on all people and businesses by freeing our country from red tape."

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