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this odious little lad has rather dropped below the radar since the local elections - though to be fair it was clear that in both political and personality terms he had never really had any significance beyond a parasite leaching off of others.

Interestingly John Ison at this years local elections was one of 50 candidates pretending to the UKIP publicity in the West Midlands EU Region. Out of those 50 UKIP candidates John Ison polled the lowest number of votes of all and was the only one to poll less than 100.

Further he was aware of his spectacular and embarrassing failure I suspect because not even to support true UKIP candidates did he bother to turn up to the count in the region in which he stood.

It is worth noting that the only support this odious little man seems to get is on Anthony Butcher's EU controlled blog where a cowardly attack smear poster, sheltering their distasteful lies and beligerent dishonesty behind anonymity endlessly brings UKIP into disrepute as it seems that those posting under the name of Skeptyk are not only dishonest cowards but working for the failed leadership of UKIP as parasites feeding there off.

There are many blogs around that are run by long term supporters of UKIP that are genuinely and patriotically seeking to clean-up and improve UKIP by fair criticism and many facts revealed that can be totally defended under the terms of 'veritas'.

Junius is one such mine is another as we both seek to see UKIP restored as fit for purpose - disassociated from odious individuals like John Ison and their duplicitous and underhand self seeking behaviour.

Similarly for as long as UKIP is associated with liars, cheats and low lifes whether acting in cowardly anonymity as with Skeptyk or Independent UKIP or using names of no worth or repute as with liars and fools like Marta Andreasen, John Ison, Stuart Agnew, Mick McGough, Mark Croucher, David Bannerman, Derek Clark or similar filth - that UKIP tollerates and seemingly encourages such as they, with such parasites and their odious behaviour UKIP is a spent force and clearly unfit for purpose.

Greg Lance-Watkins.

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