Saturday, 18 September 2004

John ISON & Fathers' group to fight election

Fathers' group to fight election
The group's most recent protest was on a Buckingham Palace balcony
Fathers 4 Justice, which uses publicity stunts to press for fathers' rights, says it is to fight the next general election with up to 200 candidates.
One member is currently standing on the group's ticket for Peter Mandelson's seat in the Hartlepool by-election.
The outcome will decide which other seats the group challenge, said Midlands co-ordinator John Ison.
But, he said, the Redditch seat of Women's Minister Jacqui Smith would be a target.
Mr Ison said the campaign to use the ballot box was at a very early stage and the group would be interviewing 200 prospective candidates.
Own name
He said the group planned to tackle high-profile seats and key marginals across the country.
"We originally intended to stand as independents," he told BBC News Online.

"But when Paul Watson put up in Hartlepool on the Fathers-4-Justice ticket, we decided to go for it in our own name.
"What happens there will help determine our strategy for the rest of the country." 

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