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21-Feb-2011 - Seems Others Are Revolted By John ISON & UKIP Leadership!

21-Feb-2011 - Seems Others Are Revolted By John ISON & UKIP Leadership!
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:57:26 +0000
Subject: Pond life!

What is it about Nigel-Spivboy-Farage that attracts the immoral, the amoral, the dissolute, the feckless and the downright corrupt?  I don't know about you, but I think its because they recognise a kindred spirit!!!

Take, John Ison, from Solihull.   Although he is chairman of Ukip's Solihull and Meriden branch, it would seem that he has wilfully assisted Spivboy's efforts to destroy Nikki Sinclaire's reputation - someone who once gave him employment, and who is still his local MEP. 

If only a fraction of the claims made against Ison were true (although I suspect that most of the claims have substance), Ison would be utterly despicable.  But when one realises that he only behaves in this manner to please his idol (Spivboy), and then only because he believes the Spiv will reward him with an MEPship in due course, despicable doesn't really come close to describing this self gratifying slime-ball!

Take for example his comments to the Solihull Observer in May last year. 

Who's the (living) person you most admire, Ison replied: Nelson Mandela -
a Marxist terrorst raised up by the marxist left as a Saint!

Who I would least like to be stuck in a lift with Ison relied: Nick Griffin -
a typically mindless left wing knee jerk reply.  After all any decent man would have automatically said, Godfrey Bloom!!!

What makes you angry, Ison replied:  Liars and Cheats. 
Ha!  I don't think so Mr Ison.  Firstly you idolise one such person, and, to the casual observer, it would seem that you yourself fit such a description!

Solihull Observer May 6 2010
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