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20-Feb-2011 - 03:04hrs. Is John ISON Working For The EU or Self Interest?

20-Feb-2011 - 03:04hrs. Is John ISON Working For The EU or Self Interest?

ADDITION AT 2011-Feb-20 03:04hrs.:

It is interesting to note that now that the paper has published on line in full the excellent story, which I HAVE read and hold a copy of subject to last minute corrections (as last week), has fallen to the intervention of those protecting their positions at the troughs on the gravy train.

I do note due to the scurrilous nature of their claims and the fact that there is already a crime reference number in hand and that 10/1 of the PCC code pertained the clearly 'Set Up' story lacked any suitable credibility as an attack on Nikki Sinclaire - it is my opinion, based upon reliable whispers that it was largely Nigel Farage behind this seeking to protect against exposure of the 4000 account scam at a guess and worried that his route to riches might be damaged on the eve of his party mini conference where his adulants will be told how he can make yet more money by compliance with the EU in forming a Pan EU Political Party.

That Annabelle Fuller also colluded in the spoiler to aid The EU and corruption would also seem likely on information received but the primary source of what seems to have been stolen documents and fabricated evidence would seem to be John Ison yet again seeking to defame people for his own glorification and in the hope of ingratiating himself with UKIP's corrupt leadership to fiddle his way into being an MEP whilst holding a salaried role in the interim.

This is not the first newspaper this scam has been tried on as you will remember the endless allegedlies in The Sunday Times when Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas made something of a fool of himself having failed to check his facts. At that stage Nikki Sinclaire opted to keep her powder dry until more evidence was to hand and third party witnesses were in place to testify.

The situation has somewhat changed I gather!

The tragedy is that in their greed and venal vitriol these sordid self serving Farage leadership filth have done much to wreck an incredibly good story exposing corruption of an industrial nature in the EU from being disseminated via the 7,000,000 claimed readers of the paper in question.

Just who are the Farage team actually working for as it does look very much as if it is for The EU and their own pockets yet again.

I regret 7,000,000 people are unlikely to see this item exposing The EU's corruption just yet but be minded that I have the ear of numerous papers, a number of the opinion formers dip into this blog aware that they can quote EVERY item safe in the knowledge that in 1,000s of blogs I have NEVER made a material error and never once lied.

I believe that if the slime that have seized control of UKIP could make the same claim and had put in a fraction of the work exposing The EU during the last 18 years there would be every possibility we would now be liberated from The EU.

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