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Is John Ison to be Arrested for Perverting The Course of Justice?

Is John Ison to be Arrested for Perverting The Course of Justice?


the posting below was placed on team Junius' blog related to UKIP but in the light of their increasing inactivity, aware, as they are, that UKIP is now of virtually zero significance in British domestic politics, nor likely to be of relevance in the foreseable future, when with the most glowing of poll results - NEVER reflected in actual ballot box results to date - UKIP after 20 years register a risible 12%, which places them nowhere near election of any positions of relevance, and unable even to control who might be elected should a given constituency inexplicably spike to give a double poll prediction, or more, result in isolation and a seat won!

I am therefore double posting by placing the comment made to Junius site at CLICK HERE, here also.


one is inclined to wonder when John Ison will be arrested and bailed for what increasingly seems his actions to pervert the course of Justice - In his dishonest actions that were reported to the police by Nikki Sinclaire and witnessed by members of her staff I understand.

Many will be aware that John Ison claimed poverty yet would seem to have paid cash for 3 lotus Elans - whether for three girlfriends or as an investment I do not know.

I well remember the Elan when various girlfriends owned them back when they were newly launched but I only know of one man who has owned and driven them - he bought his about a year ago to do up for his daughter!

They are very much a young girl's car!
Ideal if you enjoy posing & putting your life at risk in a plastic washing up bowl!

In that Nigel Farage has been questioned seemingly relative to his association with John Ison and when Nikki Sinclaire 'parted company' with John Ison it seems he walked straight into a UKIP job and was assisting Paul Nuttall!

Increasingly it looks as if John Ison was no more than a placeman in Nikki Sinclaire's office = placed by UKIP leadership to foment problems and even perhaps pervert the course of justice by stealing material from her office in return for preferment by UKIP leadership and its unpleasant claque.

I gather it is known and documented that John Ison was acting in concert with Nigel Farage's sewer rat and goffer bully boy Mark Croucher - who seemingly used material stolen by John Ison!

In that Justice delayed is Justice denied one wonders why John Ison has not been arrested, or has he?

Similarly to what extent was it a political action on the part of the police to arrest Nikki Sinclaire and permit the arrest to leak into the hands of the media in seemingly the middle of the night!

It does rather seem that the police are increasingly struggling to 'build' any sort of credible case against Nikki Sinclaire and lack a credible witness to front such a construct!

Might it be that they now find themselves with egg on their faces and will either need to 'construct' a case founded on little truth - for believe you me that can be done as we saw in the murder on film of Ian Tomlinson by the gratuitous and excessive cowardly attack from behind by an armed and armoured police officer.

When politically motivated Justice, The Police and Courts are strangers, acting in their own interests!

Might it be that Nikki Sinclaire has been singled out for her active campaigning against EU membership and other issuesclose to the EU's heart and for embarrassing the government - thereby upsetting the cosy relationship of incompetence held by UKIP at large?

Could it be that the inconsequentiality and irrelevance of UKIP's being used as usefull idiots to provide the semblance of democracy as provided by such subourned castratti was unsettled by Sinclaire's very real achievements and participation on behalf of her electorate?

I fear that a trumped up case may be made against Sinclaire to cover for the egg on the face of the police and the risks of opening the can of worms of which John Ison may be the lid in exposing UKIP's underhanmd behaviour and roll as puppets for The EU and the political elite!

The truth is the ONE thing unlikely to become apparent in this entire sorry scam!


PS - being aware that The Team Junius are infrquently posting due to awareness of UKIP's obvious irrelevance in future British domestic politics - I will also post this comment as a free standing posting on the John Ison blog at:

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01594 - 528 337
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