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06-Mar-2011 - John ISON Tries to help The EU with his spin for UKIP it seems!

 06-Mar-2011 - John ISON Tries to help The EU with his spin for UKIP it seems
UKIP MEP Nikki SINCLAIRE Locates More EU Waste!
As Featured By The SUNDAY TIMES!!
His Story IS a Lemon!
& with a 42DD
Leaves a sour taste in your mouth!


Yet another excellent exposure of EU profligacy and waste with OUR money!

The News of The World also had a large quantity of material but have been persuaded to suppress it by the intervention of Nigel Farage seeking it seems to damage the efforts of Nikki Sinclaire to do the job she was elected to do - it would seem he has colluded with his mistress Annabelle Fuller and the Tory Head Office plant he placed in UKIP Press Office some time ago Stephen Sobey both of Athena-PR and long term friends and the apparent pack of lies and set-up structured by John Ison who is currently under investigation by the Police for various and numerous thefts.

The News of The World has been advised of the Crime Numbers and the position of The Press Complaints Commission under 10:1 some time ago and hence presumably they have not run with the dishonest penny ante smear set up against Nikki Sinclaire.

It may also have made the claims presented to The Sunday Times which had to be surrounded by 'Allegedly' with much frequency and The NoTW position look a little silly on the febrile evidence stolen to try to show what seem to be switched fuel receipts, presumably from one vehicle to another, and then made to look as if Sinclaire had fiddled about £1,200 look even more stupid when Guy Basnett realised from her published accounts, and the extensive help she gave him, that she had donated around £54,000 from her own salary to the cause of EUroRealism and also The Petition for a referendum.

It is worth remembering that when these CLAIMED receipts were being put into the accounts John Ison was responsible for Nikki Sinclaire's transport and for her to have signed off a receipt it would first have been approved by John Ison who was in a position of trust and commensurately salaried!

I wonder when it will prove expedient for John Ison to turn on his new best friends and betray them as he tried dishonestly to do with the material he stole from Sinclaire? 

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