Monday, 31 January 2011

30 Pieces of Silver SEEM To Have Gone Short ;-)


I hear there was to have been an accomodation of 30 pieces of silver for the betrayal but when it came to the crunch it seems the exploiter was exploited and when he found those who had promised it reneged an application was made to the apparent boss who, as ever, claimed he was broke and there was insufficient to pay the claimed expenses!

Poetic Justice but what would one expect from such pond life and as for having as your link the odious liar and racist neo fascist Mark Croucher as an ally speaks volumes of the sordid company one must consort with when trying to exploit the gutter.

One can only be amused at just how wrongly a fool will read the rhunes! Perhaps less effort trying to betray people for personal gain might lead to greater credibility - it is little wonder the media snorted with derision and even a junior journalist slathered his passing comments with allegedlies in the knowledge they were being had!

Just as The British police have ignored the fabricated story based upon stolen material, and have confirmed they are taking no interest leave alone action - though the theft may well be apposite to ensure no possibility of being adopted politically for all the boot licking - just as OLAF have confirmed in writing their disinterest though an investigation into theft and fraud by staff IS in progress.

I gather transparency may not be in the claims but it seems the lies have been seen through though Paul Nuttall is rather thicker and it is only just dawning he is being set up just as will Jill Seymour.

Was it wise to take the young lass back to the house? Has the Mrs. found out yet?

Clarity will be added at a later date with specifics.

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